ACK Radio Supply Company's Inventory is for sale!

The business closed on Friday, July 20th, 2018.

Ack's inventory is for sale, at a severely discounted price to anyone interested in purchasing the whole lot.

If you are interested, please contact us directly, at 404-351-6340, or email:
No agents or brokers, please.

Before contacting us, take a look at the inventory by clicking  HERE  to download and view the pictures in PDF format.

Our desire is to sell the inventory in the metal shelves, which will be shrink-wrapped for transporting to the buyer's location.

For a printable up-to-date inventory spread sheet, click  HERE to download the PDF document. As you will find, we are well stocked with New Old Stock,(NOS) inventory.

All of us at ACK, and all of the family who owned it for decades, would like to express sincere appreciation for the loyal patronage over the past 72 years.

Unfortunately, being a brick and mortar electronic supplier, in the world of on-line sales with competitors such as Amazon, Mouser, Newark, and eBay, this becomes a marginal business to continue, unless you are one of these online giants.

Again, we thank you for your time to review this offering, and for your consideration. We hope that you will contact us. If you are not directly interested, please circulate this offer to industry leaders you may know, throughout the marketplace.